By: David L. Souers

About the Author

Dave, as I prefer to be called, am what could be termed a bit of a vagabond, without stretching the truth one iota. :^)
Born in March of 1947 in a small town in the UP of Michigan, I started my travels before I was a teenager, and ended up living in such diverse places as the wilds of central Alaska, and in an Arizona mining camp. Driven by economics and curiosity, I have seen more of this country than most, and it serves me well in creative writing.
I am a Vietnam era vet, and served in the US Navy as a sonarman onboard a helo for two years. After my discharge, I managed to find work as a miner, and worked at several underground, and open pit mines throughout the western states for a few years. When I finally gave that life up, I went back to school, and managed to acquire enough education to allow myself to land a managerial position in retail sales. It was during my second tour through the world of education that I discovered my love for creative writing, and this publication is the culmination of that love.

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