The basic concept for this novel was discovered on the Internet science news in the summer of 1998. The seemingly innocent, at first glance, article described evidence of a massive pulse of electromagnetic energy that appears to have been hitting the earth, on a regular basis, for countless millennia. Ice core data that has been gleaned from cores taken from the Antarctic ice sheets shows that five hundred years is the average interval between these events. The frightening part of this information is the fact that we should have been hit around two hundred years ago, and weren’t.

These waves of energy are theorized to originate in the area of the black hole that is now known to reside in the heart of the Milky Way. Traveling at the speed of light, and carrying a billion volts, these waves of EMP, as it is commonly called, would not affect your body one iota, but would instantly annihilate every computer chip in existence. Obviously, our high tech culture would not survive such an event.

This wave of EMP is approaching us at nearly the speed of light, and finding a literary vehicle that would allow me to warn some of the people on earth of the impending disaster was accomplished by using a series of prophetic dream/visions, and a Wiccan wise woman, who discovers the wave through her neo-pagan talents.

The pre-wave chapters describe the preparations that are being made to allow the characters to survive the loss of technology, and were inserted as a possible guideline for readers who have thought of, and many do appear to be, trying to prepare for whatever form of disruption that seems to be just over the horizon. The very feeling of it seems to be gaining ground exponentially around the world.

Several different scenarios are presented to show the effects of the EMP wave on the post-wave societies around the world. From the totally non-technological society, who continue their lives without any lifestyle changes whatsoever, to the ultimate lifestyle change known as death, which would be the status quo for most of the technology dependent people in our lives.

Please feel free to print this work, or just read it from your monitor. The only thing that I ask of you is that you refrain from using my work for any type of monetary gain, as it is copyrighted.

Enjoy the book, and keep in mind that it is based on a science article, and ONLY the scenarios are fictional...........

Dave Souers